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Alpha Radar: dAMM Finance and Smart Money Movements


dAMM Finance

bdAMM <> dAMM Redemption Pool

  • Over $1.0m of inflows with 2 Smart Money wallets for the bdAMM <> dAMM Redemption pool in the past day
  • The 1:1 redemption of bdAMM to dAMM is part of the Halloween event and only lasts for 24H
  • dAMM is the governance token of the protocol and there is 2 ways to receive it during TGE on 31st Oct
    • Buying in the open market when it launches
    • Unbonding bdAMM for dAMM (which normally has a cost, but it is free for the current Halloween event)
  • dAMM Finance is an undercollateralized lending protocol that offers institutional lending for a wide variety of tokens