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Alpha Radar: DigiDaigaku Spirits and Smart Money Movements


DigiDaigaku Spirits

  • 2 Smart Money depositors in the last 24H. The project has also attracted 205 ETH in daily trading volume.
  • DigiDaigaku Spirits is the airdropped collection of DigiDaigaku which launched as a free mint just over a month ago
  • DigiDaigaku is a collection created by the founder of Limit Break - a blockchain gaming company which announced a $200m funding round just 2 week ago - with prominent investors such as Paradigm, FTX and Coinbase Ventures
  • Founder of the company - Gabriel Leydon has expressed his beliefs in Free-to-Own and aims to change the gaming scene with this belief
  • The collection has increased from a floor price of ~2.5 ETH in the past 3 days and currently sits at a floor price of 6.2 ETH ...