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Alpha Radar: Gangster All Star & Smart Money Movements


Gangster All Star: Gold Saucer Auction

  • $687k of inflows in the past day from 8 different Smart Money depositors and 999 unique wallet addresses into the contract.
  • Gangster All Star: Evolution Drop is a PFP NFT collection on Ethereum founded by artist “The Duang” and his brother Jokerspite. The collection consists of 7,777 Gangsters from 50 different gangs, corresponding to their distinct characteristics.
  • The NFTs employs two layers of rarity; the first is determined by the gang the avatar belongs to, and the second is the traits. The project's vision is to create a metaverse brand that anyone can resonate with via their deep trait pools and various gangs.
  • Their primary objective is to create a long-running manga...