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Alpha Radar: GearBox wstETH Pool and Fund Movements


GearBox: wstETH Pool

  • $2.91m of inflows in the past day from 5 different Smart Money depositors and 36 unique wallet addresses into the contract. The current APY on wstETH is 45.71%.
  • GearBox is a composable leverage protocol that allows users to take on leverage for their DeFi yield farming positions. GearBox matches users who want low-risk and passive yield on their assets with borrowers who want more leverage on their favorite DeFi protocols. In short, they aim to become the leverage middle layer, allowing for more user capital efficiency across DeFi protocols through leverage-as-a-service.
  • GearBox announced its Liquidity Mining Program on October 23rd to incentivize passive LPs to deposit for GEAR rewards, which...