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Alpha Radar: KPR and Smart Money Movements



26 Smart Money Depositors into Keepers with 1D inflow of $1.9mm and a collection of 10,000 NFTs.

  • Keepers or KPR is building a metaverse brand, called “KPRVerse”. It involves a cyberpunk-styled anime shooting game. The characters have various species (cyborgs, humans) and traits (fire, spears). The NFT items are sets of PFPs divided into two fractions, “Animus” and “Prisma”. NFT holders can choose what fraction they want.

  • KPR drew attention with the allowlist application process. Community members have also touted the interactive websites and the strong IP potential. The projects will mint fully to an allowlist. 7,500 NFTs are set aside for those on the Keepers List and 2,500 on the General List (Keepers +...