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Alpha Radar: KyberSwap, QuickSwap, BAYC, Synapse
Sandra Leow


KyberSwap: wstETH Liquidity Pool

  • $720k of inflows in the past day from 2 Smart Money depositors into the contract.
  • Lido finance has expanded to L2s bringing in more incentives for Kyberswap to enhance wstETH liquidity for Arbitrum and Optimism.
  • Currently, the wstETH-ETH pool on Arbitrum has $2.51m in staked TVL, and users can receive 28.03% in average APR. The current phase for this pool will end in 19 days.
  • Additionally, there is also a wstETH-USDC pool with $622.32k in staked TVL. Users can also reap 80.58% in average APR for this pool.