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Alpha Radar - [Ledger] Market - Deadfellaz Nano X, Smart Money Holdings, Exchange Flows, and More


[Ledger] Market - Deadfellaz Nano X

Deadfellaz is an Ethereum-based NFT collection of 10,000 zombie-themed NFT. [Ledger] Market is a platform for curated NFT drops that enables artists and brands to create, distribute, and store NFTs with ease and world-class security.

Holders of the [ Ledger ] Market Pass - Genesis Edition NFT, Deadfellaz, or Deadfrenz Collection, had the exclusive right to mint this NFT November 14-21 2022. The NFT can be traded for Ledger’s limited edition Deadfellaz Nano X hardware wallets.

Mint here

  • On Nov 21 minting will close, for those that didn't buy the NFT: a very limited number of custom Nano X products are available for sale on...