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Alpha Radar: RTFKT Clone X Forging SZN 1 & WE ARE GOING TO HELL


RTFKT Clone X Forging SZN 1

  • $1.09m of inflows in the past day from 12 different Smart Money depositors and 487 unique wallet addresses into the contract.
  • The RTFKT Clone X Forging SZN contract was deployed by the well-known NFT collection Clone X. Forging involves redeeming digital goods, which can be equipped to the avatars, and physical goods. In this case, Clone X NFT holders are able to buy digital and physical apparel from the collection inspired by the various DNA representatives within the collection, including human, robot, demon, angel, reptile, undead, alien, and 2 Murakami collaborations.
  • In particular, each holder can mint two of each item within the collection from their respective DNAs. The collection...