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Alpha Radar: Smart Money and Lido, Fund Movements, ETH ICO participants, and Other



  • Smart Money increased their stETH holdings by over $1.4m over the last 24hrs. They have also increased their exposure to aSTETH (Aave’s interest-bearing token) by over $492k in the same period.
  • Their current stablecoin holdings vs all coins stands at around 24%. USDC is by far their most preferred stablecoin at the moment followed by USDT.

Smart Alerts Summary

Fund Movements

  • Oapital: 0x66b sent 1,500,000 USDC ($1,499,204) to Wormhole: Token Bridge
  • Wintermute Trading sent 1,155.48 ETH ($1,829,011) to BitGo Forwarder
  • KyberSwap: Anti Sniping Attack Position Manager sent 4,874.7 wstETH ($8,405,932) to Kyber Ventures: 0x818
  • Polygon: Multisig sent 20,000,000 USDC ($20,020,000) to ...