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Alpha Radar: Smart Money Defi Movements

Key Insights from Today’s on-chain behavior

  • greenpeak.eth looks to be on the move with $13.6m aWBTC and $6.5m aWETH added to wallet balance. greenpeak.eth is an active trader with most recent moves including shorting GUSD to the tune of $5m out of $7.4m.
  • Coinbase exchange & custody has a net outflow of $1.2b over the past 7 days and net inflow of $147m over the past 24 hours. Worth keeping an eye on Coinbase exchange flows as the market is worried about Coinbase solvency.

Smart Money Overview

Smart Money Token Inflows

  • $13.6m increase in aWBTC_v2 holdings for Smart Money wallets in the past 24H
    • The increase was...