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Alpha Radar: Sougen Genesis


Sougen Genesis

  • 1 Smart Money Depositors into Sougen Genesis Collection with a 1D inflow of $89k and with a collection of 8888 NFTs.
  • Sougen Genesis is a collection of 3D NFTs. Each NFT will come with its avatar version in the Sougen Metaverse. Public sale starts on October 3rd.
  • Sougen is a decentralized virtual world that allows people to socialize, learn, work, and get entertained in new ways. Creators will have the freedom to fully customize their Microverse from the shape of the world to the 3D art style.
  • Sougen is made by Utsubo, an awards winning, technology-first creative studio based in Japan.
    • Floor price: 0.03 ETH
    • Mint Price: 0.02 ETH
    • [OpenSea...