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Alpha Radar: Today's Biggest NFT mints
Osgur Murphy O Kane


Beware the high risk of rug pulls with all new NFT projects.


  • 14 Smart Money minters of CondoMini in the last 24 hours.
  • CondoMini is the NFT project that lets you build your own dream street in MiniVille - the project’s metaverse city.
  • Minters can mint a street of random condos (5), then break it down and trade the single buildings to get the ones they want to have in their district banner.
  • Users can mix and match condos and choose a background for their home.
    • (Note that a mint encompasses a street (ERC-721) which can be converted into 5 condo NFTs (ERC-1155 standard). The conversion burns the street NFT and mints the 5 condos.
  • Users can trade new condos and mint a street by choosing their preferred...