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Cosmos Catalysts, VR Narrative, and Granary Farm
Osgur Murphy O Kane

What's New at Nansen

War Room Call Notes

  • Topics discussed include:
    • BRC-20s
    • Radiant v2
    • dYdX v4
    • LSD Protocols
    • Metaverse Narrative and projects
  • Read the notes here.

General Discussion

War Room


  • Question: When you hold stETH in your wallet, more stETH accrues through the rebasing is that correct? So for example buying 100 stETH now and HODLing should result in ~105 stETH in a year?
    • Correct, assuming the APR of 5% holds!

Cosmos Ecosystem

  • Several catalysts: Consumer chains, USDC, DYDX v4, Neutron smart contracts, Sei, Metamask integration.
  • Members believe DYDX has a lot...