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CryptoLinn AMA
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19 min read
LittleLinn runs Linns Leverage which is a substack newsletter that focuses on crypto alpha aggregation & early insights, she also founded zkAmurai and NFT project on zkSync

CryptoLinn AMA

Q: What's your thesis for $PENDLE? Why is it your biggest position?

CryptoLinn: I have to disclose first of all that I’m an ambassador for Pendle, but I hope people know that even if I was not, it is my largest position for a reason.

I remember my first call with them (Linn hates calls, and usually turns them all down but did not for Pendle), I was a much much smaller account. I’ll launch into my sales pitch for Pendle in a min but I recommend everyone if they get the chance to speak to the team at a conference like token2049 if you get the chance. Every single person I speak to who has met TN and his team goes: “I get it”. They truly have the full package. They’ve stayed completely consistent throughout the...