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Cumberland Morning Color

Good Morning and Happy Monday from Cumberland APAC! BTC and ETH both had a quiet weekend, unchanged and trading in a 2% range. The alts space, however, was almost all green. AVAX lead the way with a staggering 35% rally; while SOL has gathered more attention, AVAX has now slightly outperformed SOL since the start of September, 256% to 253% (although with those numbers, let’s just call it a tie.) AVAX has been picking up momentum in the gaming space, and volumes at DEX Trader Joe are up 350% week-on-week.

On the SOL side, there’s continued excitement following a massive JTO airdrop, and JTO is currently trading with a 3.4b valuation, about 50% higher than that of LDO, its closest comparable in the Ethereum ecosystem. (This valuation is...