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Evmos Introduction - EVM Hub of the Cosmos
Jake Kennis


  • Evmos is an EVM compatible layer 1 chain on Cosmos that is built out on the Cosmos SDK and secured via Tendermint BFT Consensus
  • ERC-20 assets on Evmos will be interoperable with Cosmos native assets via their ERC-20 module. This taps into the $75b worth of liquidity sitting in IBC-enabled chains and allows for any ERC-20 token to move throughout the Cosmos ecosystem to take advantage of liquidity, yield, lending and more. Unlocks new opportunities such as borrowing against your native ATOM for stables on Evmos.
  • Allows for new blockchain design. Evmos will enable application-specific blockchains and offer an opt-in shared security model for them to exist. You can have DeFi and NFT-focused chains that decide on their own...