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0xMert Helius AMA
Vic Huynh
Key Takeaways

Mert is the co-founder & CEO of Helius, co-host of the Lightspeed podcast. Ex-coinbase software engineer, he's one of the most avid builders & passionate speakers on anything Solana related.

Helius: https://twitter.com/heliuslabs

Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xMert_

Podcast: https://twitter.com/lightspeedpodhq

Q. You've been in the trenches building since the very start with Solana. From a builder's perspective, what are some of the pain points you’ve experienced from it?

Mert: Boy. So, yeah, I started quite early with Solana, before NFTs like Degenerate Apes minted, or right around that time. I was working at Coinbase then, dealing with various chains, like Polygon, Ethereum, and even Bitcoin, while exploring others like Avalanche and Solana. On Solana, there was a lot of NFT influencer activity, often tweeting bizarre claims, such as the price of Solana influencing the value of NFTs and vice versa. I doubted the efficiency of this JPEG market. This was before any analytics tools existed; SolScan wasn't even there yet. So, I had to...