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Vic Huynh
Key Takeaways

Leo (founder) & FabLee (CTO) are from NFD.gg, a platform which teaches their holders how to properly participate in retro-drop activities and Combine which offers wallet management, farm activities and one click airdrop farming on a single app. They've appeared in media most known for farming 7 figs from the Arbitrum airdrop (amongst others)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NFD_gg Twitter: https://twitter.com/Leo_NFD

Q. Which 3 airdrops do you think will be most lucrative on a per user basis and why?

Leo: So like basically right now to do, I can start, I think that if you talk about the tier one projects, you must do Scroll right now. You must finalize your accounts in stuff like Layer Zero and ZKsync because StarkNet have already done the snapshot. But I think you need to do these T1 activities because right now on the market, you can see alot of T2 activities any Dex perps, any Defi protocols and such stuff.

But if you talk about really big projects, if you talk about really big airdrops, which will, based on your on chain activity, where you can create a lot of wallets, like some thousand or some hundreds of wallets, I think you need to do...