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NFT Airdrop Pro Report: Navigating NFT Airdrops with On-Chain Data


  • Nansen recently launched a “Smart NFT Airdrop Pro” tag for the most profitable airdrop recipient wallets, filtered by the number of NFT collections received and the total value of the airdrops in ETH amount across 13 notable NFT collections.

  • Based on our findings, the top 3 NFT Airdrop Pro wallets sorted by their total NFT airdrop value in ETH are Andrew Kang, chile.eth, and dingaling.

  • As the top NFT Airdrop recipient, Andrew Kang’s total collected NFT airdrops value the most with an amount of 1157 ETH from 2 unique NFT collections. This is followed by chile.eth, which received a total NFT airdrop value of 1126 ETH from 3 NFT collections. dingaling has a more diverse NFT airdrop portfolio, accumulating 774.77 ETH from 6 distinct NFT collections.

  • The report highlights best practices for setting up smart alerts to track the behavior of these “Smart NFT Airdrop Pro” wallets. Paying attention to their buys and sells can be beneficial for identifying future airdrop opportunities.


NFT Airdrops are most commonly attributed to successful genesis NFT collections that attempt to expand their reach and give value back to their holders via a secondary collection. This has been a prominent strategy employed by successful projects. The market has seen examples of blue-chip collections, like Bored Ape Yacht Club, rewarding holders with not one but multiple airdrops worth $10-100k each. NFT airdrops are typically given to holders who are long-term believers in a project but can also provide an avenue for other NFT collectors to enter the project at a lower price point. In turn, the airdrop allows the project to grow its brand and audience.

Of course, these airdrops can be very lucrative when the original collections are already well established within the space. The two most common methods to receive NFT airdrops are NFTs directly being airdropped to the wallet address or users claiming (eligible wallets) through a contract. For example, Azuki holders received the BEANZ airdrop directly in their wallets (the gas fee was accounted for by the team) but World Of Women holders had to interact with an external contract to claim their airdrop. Given that Nansen tracks on-chain data for NFT transactions, these NFT Airdrop Pro wallets can be flagged by Nansen smart alerts and easily monitored by Nansen users to track interesting on-chain behaviors.


  • Curating a list of “Smart NFT Airdrop Pro” wallets or high alpha wallets (highest aggregate amount of NFT airdrops values across these 13 collections)
  • Setting up smart alerts to surface the signal and track interesting on-chain behaviors and actions

Nansen Airdrop Pro Label + Methodology

To create an NFT Airdrop Pro tag for the wallet addresses, we investigated all NFT collections with past airdrop opportunities. A list of the top 13 Ethereum NFT airdrop collections from 9 NFT collections was selected based on the airdrop floor price chart from NFTstatistics.eth, as shown below:

Original CollectionsAirdrop Collections
AzukiTiger Jacket
CloneXRTFK Box
KarafuruKarafuru Gachapon
OCMOCM Dessert
Proof CollectiveGrails
Proof CollectiveOddities
Alien FrenzAlien Frenz Evolution

Table 1: NFT Airdrop Collections Selected, Source: Floor Price Chart by NFTstatistics.eth

After identifying the main collections, four subsequent steps were followed to find the most notable airdrop recipients:

  1. Went through all the claiming contracts for the 13 NFT collections with airdrop opportunities and identified all the wallets that interacted with the contracts
  2. Calculated the Number of NFT Airdrop Collections Received and the Average 7D Value in ETH after distribution started for each wallet address and each collection owned by the wallet
  3. Removed Project Deployer Treasury Wallets on airdrop recipients list
  4. Filtered for active addresses that sent an outgoing transaction after January 2022

With the above steps completed, a full airdrop recipient list of wallet addresses was created. The next step was to define what the “Smart NFT Airdrop Pro” label would entail. The objective was to find the high value airdrop recipients from the large list of recipients, which might actually provide a signal for future NFT airdrops. To determine these high profile airdrop recipients, the number of unique collections owned and the average 7D sales price in USD after distribution were aggregated from all wallet addresses over the 13 identified NFT airdrops.

The value of airdrops received is a direct indicator of how much an NFT collector is benefiting from NFT airdrops. Diversification also matters. Obtaining airdrops from more than one NFT collection ensures the airdrops are diversified within the collector’s portfolio and avoids including wallets that may have ‘got lucky’ with a single lucrative airdrop.

To qualify for the NFT Airdrop Pro label, the wallet addresses would need to satisfy a tiered level requirement based on a combination of the number of collections and the total airdrop value received. The general guideline for NFT Airdrop Pro is that less overall airdrop value will be required when more NFT collections are gathered. This aims to strike a balance between variety and quantity. For example, if an address is seen to be involved in 10 NFT collections, the ETH limit requirement would be significantly lower compared to an address involved in 4 NFT collections.

Top 10 Most Profitable NFT Airdrop Wallets

After the “Smart NFT Airdrop Pro” wallet tag is created, the top 10 most profitable NFT airdrop wallets are determined by ranking all the addresses based on the total value of airdrops received in ETH. To highlight, these wallets are very successful in their ability to yield lucrative returns from receiving NFT airdrops. The top 3 Airdrop Pros are Andrew Kang, chile.eth, and dingaling.

NFT Airdrop Pro Wallet NameTotal AD Value in ETH# of Original Collections# of Airdrop CollectionsAvg AD Value per Collection
Andrew Kang1157.222578.6
Jimmy McNelis643.856107.3
"23456" on OpenSea511.422255.7
Smart NFT Airdrop Pro330.422165.2

Table 2: Top 10 Airdrop Pro Wallets by Total Airdrop Value in ETH, Source: Nansen Query

Key Takeaways

Given a list of NFT Airdrop Pro wallets, what is the best way to make use of the data?

  • Set up smart alerts on Nansen for all the NFT Airdrop Pro wallet addresses to track what NFTs they are receiving and buying.

    • If they suddenly buy a lot of the same NFTs, it might indicate some potential airdrop opportunities.

    • To set up a smart alert, Nansen users can simply click on the smart alert link above and type in an alert name and choose the parameters. For example, Nansen users can filter the alerts for certain event types, including “Trading and transfers” and/or "Minting”, and select “Smart NFT Airdrop Pro” along with other Nansen created smart money wallet labels in the “Trader Labels” section.

    • To enable more advanced filtering, users can simply toggle to “Advanced Alert Type” and further define more targeted filters such as minimum volume in ETH (including gas fees) in 1 hour or in 1 day. Finally, to get notified once the event occurs, users can put down their Telegram ID, Discord, Slack, and Webhook URL.

  • NFTs are very volatile and are highly dependent on market conditions, which influence the timing of the airdrops, and/or specific airdrop methods. Nansen users can inspect how soon the NFT Airdrop Pros sell their airdropped NFTs to gauge the best timing to sell for the same airdropped collection. To achieve this, again, Nansen users can use smart alerts to select a specific project or projects that the NFT Airdrop Pros are also involved in to monitor the transaction activities (Note: This also works for tokens, e.g. you could set up a smart alert for the APE token after the BAYC airdrop).
  • Through NFT Paradise, Nansen users can identify the most recently bought/sold collections in 24H across all the NFT Airdrop Pros using Nansen 24H Smart Buys/Sells Breakdown. This can help identify which collections these Airdrop Pros have conviction in, as well as discover some undervalued collections that might experience an upward price action. More detailed transaction activities, including selling and buying, can be monitored in Smart Money Tracker after filtering for “Smart NFT Airdrop Pro” as shown below. Based on the 24H Smart Buys Breakdown chart, NFT Airdrop Pro wallets bought one NFT from each collection: Finiliar, 10KTF Level 2 Combat Crates, Webaverse Genesis Pass, and ForgottenRunesWarriorsGuild in the last 24H.


Overall, NFT airdrops are a lucrative reward from NFT collections for investors. The activities of NFT Airdrop Pro influence NFT value in many direct and indirect ways. By keeping track of the behaviors of NFT Airdrop Pro wallets through Nansen smart alerts and dashboards, investors can gain valuable insights and navigate the market to find new profitable airdrop opportunities.

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