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NFT Market Updates: Art Index Outperforming, NFTPerp, Art Gobblers Mint
Sandra Leow

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NFT Market Overview

Main observations:

  • Volume measured in ETH had a very slight uptick from last week mainly attributed to an increase in mints. Volume has continued to plateau and is ranging from 75k-100k weekly ETH volume.
  • Transactions per week continues to be suppressed and is at 580k for the last 7 days
  • Users per week has increased slightly to 225k from the increase in mints.
  • The Blue-Chip 10 index continues to trend lower but Chrome Squiggles and CloneX have witnessed an increase of 40% and 19% respectively.

NFT Index Performance

  • In the last 7D and 1M timeframes, all indexes but Art-20 have experienced a negative ROI when measured in ETH...