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NFT Market Updates: Coinbase NFT, Price Prediction, and X2Y2 support
Sandra Leow

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Nansen’s new NFT features

  • Coinbase NFT marketplace integration through 0x Protocol
    • The release of Coinbase NFT is one of the biggest events to occur in the NFT space.
    • With the beta officially going live yesterday and its potential to onboard millions of new users, tracking Coinbase NFT data will become even more important as the user base grows.
    • What does that mean for you? You can now track the volume, transactions and recent users coming through 0x, and see this directly on our public NFT Trends dashboard or by selecting 0x (incl. Coinbase) from the Marketplace dropdown menu in NFT Paradise.
  • Price Prediction feature
    • It can be used (with caution) to spot potential bargain NFTs listed at...