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NFT Market Updates: NFT Sweeper and Moonbirds dominates the NFT market
Sandra Leow

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Nansen's new NFT features

  • Nansen’s New Smart NFT Sweeper function
    • Smart NFT Sweepers - addresses that have profitably swept (bought a certain no. of tokens from a collection in a single day, for at least a threshold ETH value) at least 3 different NFT collections, with a minimum of 5 sweepings.
    • Curious about our other Smart Money labels? Check out our dedicated Wallet Labels & Emojis guide: https://www.nansen.ai/guides/wallet-labels-emojis-what-do-they-mean
  • Related Collections for NFTs
    • This new feature shows which other NFTs are popular with the holders of a specific project, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, or Moonbirds,...