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NFT Market Updates: Social NFTs, Apecoin, and PFP Trends
Sandra Leow


This week’s NFT recap covers various metrics from the macro to micro outlook of the NFT market.

  • Social NFTs are leading the local bull run in the NFT market
  • Apecoin launches their own token, similar projects follow a similar tide in terms of demand and volume traded in the past week
  • Sectors like metaverse, gaming, art remain relatively stagnant, while PFPs are experiencing an upward trend
  • More generally, the NFT bull run might resume, however, uncertain as to whether this wave is caused by the APE airdrop and BAYC holders attaining more liquidity in this period, or if this will spark new, genuine interest in the NFT market

Top News

  • Apecoin launches APE token
    • Link...