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On-Chain Insights: Agility, Synapse and Notable DEX Trades
Key Takeaways
3 min read
  • Agility is a LSD yield protocol which has grown massively in TVL in the past week and continues to receive significant inflows due to yields offered on LSD tokens.
  • SYN continues to see substantial inflows from Fresh Wallets and is ranked Top 5 for Trending Tokens across the Standard and VIP+ category.
  • Notable DEX Trades in the past 24h includes accumulation for LINK and BLUR.


  • Agility is a protocol focused on providing additional yield on LSD tokens, mainly through the emissions of its governance token, AGI.
  • The protocol has grown massively in TVL in just under one week since its launch, with over $343m in TVL at the time of writing.
  • The stETH and frxETH pool have seen significant inflows in the past 24h - of $97.7m and $4.8m as well as 6 and 4 Smart Money depositors respectively.
    • Some notable depositors in the stETH pool include Oapital: 0x66b and [Smart Dex...