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On-Chain Insights: Ape and LINK Staking, and Exchange Flows
Jake Kennis

Key Insights From Today’s On-Chain Behavior

  • The smart money inflows are relatively low today and the outflows show a bit more signal. Of those, LINK has been seeing lots of flows from a large whale creating many fresh wallets, which will be interesting to track. As for APE, many of the outflows are going to the staking contract given the new staking feature. Many smart traders continue to heavily trade APE on DEXs.
  • Exchange flows signal further derisking behavior with smart money accumulating stables.

Smart Money Overview

Smart Money Token Inflows

  • Inflows to smart money wallets were relatively small today. The 4 largest inflows were stETH, aDAI and CEL, followed by CHZ. This shows that smart money is...