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On-Chain Insights: ARB liquidity development, something up with zkSync
Niklas Polk
Key Takeaways
2 min read
  • Smart Money appears to still hold on to their ARB tokens. Meanwhile, liquidity on-chain is increasing steadily, and the balance on CEXs reaches a new high at 425m tokens. This could be a sign of people waiting for the right moment to exit.
  • zkSync has received a lot of attention on-chain in the past few days. Ecosystem related tokens like ZZ have been pumping, and zkSync as an entity was among the top gas consumers and experienced over 70% growth in active addresses and transactions over the last day. Potential rotators from Arbitrum or is something up?

Smart Money Movements

The overall trend shows that Smart Money was a major player in the Arbitrum airdrop. It continues to favor Arbitrum as their most popular chain given their sustained activity there.


  • Compared to yesterday, the Smart Money balance has barely changed and is still around $14.5m, this could indicate that Smart Money is reluctant to sell at this price and is expecting more.
  • Nansen released this comprehensive dashboard, showing 77% of the airdrop was claimed across 472k...