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On-Chain Insights: ARB, Mad Meerkat Finance, and Iron Paw Gang
Key Takeaways
3 min read
  • Some notable whale addresses have been accumulating ARB today despite the recent Arbitrum Foundation drama which led to a drawdown in the price of ARB.
  • Mad Meerkat Finance liquidity pools continue to dominate today’s multi-chain hot contracts dashboard after its token launch on Arbitrum yesterday.
  • Iron Paw Gang, an NFT collection within the Random Characters Collective, is currently in its minting process, drawing in 8 different Smart Money wallets.

Smart Money Token Movements


  • $12.14m increase in Smart Money USDT holdings over the past 24H. The uptick may be attributed to investors withdrawing the stablecoin from CEXs due to recent fears surrounding the CFTC’s lawsuit against Binance and CZ.
  • For instance, “helix-n” on OpenSea withdrew 2.12m USDT from Binance today.
  • “bobby1337” on OpenSea contributed to the largest portion of Smart Money USDT inflows...