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On-Chain Insights: Arbitrum Airdrop, Smart Money Activity, Large DEX Trades and Smolverse's On-chain Brains
Jake Kennis
Key Takeaways
4 min read
  • Smart Money has increased their holdings in ARB, having received nearly $14.5m so far. Over 10.6m ARB tokens were sent to a DEX and over 3.6m ARB tokens were sent to CEXs so far. @0xSisyphus claimed over $1m worth of ARB tokens. Track all of the latest of the Arbitrum airdrop here.
  • Smart Money is active in the Arbitrum ecosystem, with increased exposure to GRAIL and lending stables on Aave and Compound.
  • The Smolverse project saw a very large increase in user growth over the last 24 hours and launched on-chain brains.

Smart Money Movements (24h)

The overall trend shows that Smart Money was a major player in the Arbitrum airdrop. It continues to favor Arbitrum as their most popular chain given their sustained activity there.


  • Arbitrum just had its airdrop today and nearly $14.5m inflows to Smart Money addresses.
  • Nansen released this comprehensive dashboard, showing 66% of the airdrop was claimed across 401,243 unique addresses.
  • The top liquidity pool is Uniswap v3’s WETH-ARB pool with nearly $26m in TVL....