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On-Chain Insights: BlackRock NFT Frenzy, FUMO Mania, and UNIBOT Catalysts
Key Takeaways
4 min read
  • The BlackRock NFTs, a replica of OG EtherRocks painted black, quickly sold out after a stealth minting, while derivative tokens struggled to find buyers on the secondary market. Caution is advised to avoid falling for ERC-20 token scams falsely claiming affiliation.
  • Alien Milady Fumo (FUMO) experienced significant momentum following MiladyMaker's announcement of their unique version of the Unisocks bonding curve. The initial buyers or "snipers" were able to capitalize on the large liquidity available at the launch, resulting in impressive gains of 10x within minutes. FUMO achieved a 24h volume of $41 million and soared to an all-time high of $64,000.
  • UNIBOT successfully completed its token migration, addressing issues related to liquidity burning. The revised revenue distribution and consistent appearance in the Smart Money Token Inflow indicate a bullish migration. Furthermore, rumors suggest potential integrations with other platforms such as GMX, DPX, TIG, and UNIDEX which would result in an expansion to Arbitrum. The average traded volume is around $700k, and the current bot fees yield an APY of 6% for token holders.

BlackRock NFTs

  • Following the positive news about the BlackRock ETF, someone decided to replicate the OG EtherRocks by painting them black and increasing the supply to 999 tokens. These copies were made available for minting.
  • This minting process happened quietly on the OpenSea front page and sold out within about 30 minutes. The price quickly rose to a peak of 0.6 ETH and is now around 0.28 ETH.
  • The success of this collection led to the emergence of various derivative tokens. However, these derivatives struggled to find buyers in the secondary market.
  • Unfortunately, scams started appearing in the form of ERC-20 tokens falsely claiming affiliation with the original collection. It's important to be cautious and avoid falling for...