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On-Chain Insights: BLUR Activity, Flight Back to USDT, and GRAIL

Smart Money Movements


  • $1.66m inflows from 21 Smart Money and 1,330 unique depositors into the Uniswap V3 BLUR-WETH (0.3%) Liquidity Pool in the past 24H.
  • The pool has seen approximately $13.5m of inflows in the past 7D, signifying interest and speculation from market participants. The pool currently comprises $9.1m BLUR and $4.32m WETH, respectively.
  • Although there has been a continued net outflow of BLUR (totaling $1.3m today) from Smart Money addresses, the majority of the reduction in Smart Money balances was due to Smart Money wallets depositing their assets into the BLUR-WETH pool rather than selling on the...