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On-Chain Insights: Blur Airdrop 2, Ape staking, Stablecoin accumulation, and Exchange Flows

Key Insights From Today’s On-Chain Behavior

  • The Ape staking incentives and Blur’s Airdrop 2 have attracted a significant amount of Smart Money labelled wallets
  • One Smart Dex Trader reduced their exposure to pitchFXS by around $52K, although they still hold $375K worth of the token in their wallet
  • Overall Smart Money continues to increase their stablecoin holdings as they continue to de-risk

Smart Money Overview

Hot contracts

  • A significant amount of Smart Money labelled wallets (31 specifically) have been interacting with the Blur: Bidding Pool contract in the last 24 hrs. The contract has also attracted a total of 4,646 wallets in the last day.
    • Blur is an NFT marketplace backed by Paradigm.
    • Blur Airdrop 2...