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On-Chain Insights: Conflicting Smart Money ETH positions

Key Insights from Today’s On-chain Behavior

  • Conflicting ETH positions among Smart Money wallets today
  • The market is rather quiet; not much movements altogether

Smart Money Overview

Smart Money Token Inflows

Apart from USDC, we've observed significant inflows of WETH into smart money wallets today.

  • $6.3m inflows of WETH into smart money wallets in the past 24H
    • All inflows executed by Jump Trading likely for market making purposes since the WETH tokens were either being bridged to other chains or sent to other Jump wallets.

Smart Money Token Outflows

Apart from BUSD and USDT, we only observed significant outflows of WBTC from smart money wallets today.

  • $4.6m outflows of WBTC out of smart money wallets in...