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On-Chain Insights: Continued slowing pace of Binance Outflows, Gear Box Protocol & Aura Finance

Key Insights from Today’s on-chain behavior

  • The pace of net outflows from Binance is slowing down, with time periods of positive net inflows over the past days. Binance has resumed business as usual. The exchange currently has only a net of $1.8b outflows over the past 7 days, as compared to $7bn in net outflows over the past days. The data suggests that Binance may have overcame the withdrawal “stress test”.
  • $3.8m Smart Money inflows into GearBox contract. GearBox Protocol's Cider'ed liquidity event is ongoing, with more details along with an AMA recording below.
  • Smart Money wallet farming AURA-BAL pools, in particular, Farmer X: 0x36, a YFII whale has been increasing positions in AURA-BAL over the past 48 hours, with positions...