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On-Chain Insights: DigitsDAO Footprints, SUDO Lockdrop, Arbitrum Alpha
Sandra Leow

Digits DAO and their spectacular run-up in profits

DigitsDAO is a treasury managed by some notable traders in the space. According to their on-chain treasury, their RFV is up almost $600k alone in the month of January. Currently, they’ve been quite involved with the developments in the Arbitrum ecosystem - specifically low-cap plays.

Their current portfolio value consists of GRAIL, USDC, Y2K, and other tokens. Overall, they have $1.6m in this treasury alone. They bridged 150k USDC to Arbitrum using Across Protocol today and swapped 100k USDC in total for GRAIL. GRAIL is the token for Arbitrum’s native DEX Camelot. Additionally, they also sold their NFTB position on BNB Chain.