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On-Chain Insights: Dragonfly Capital Hodling TON and ETH accumulation

In general, on-chain activities continue to remain muted

Smart Money Token Inflows (24H)


  • Dragonfly Capital received 965,575 TON Coins from the private sale contract.
  • The VC has yet to dump any of their tokens and currently hold about $16m worth of TON Coins.
  • Apart from this transaction, On-Chain activites for TON remains quiet.

Exchange Flows

  • Net $1.75m inflow of SAND into Exchanges in the past 24H.
    • Likely attributed to the 12.4% unlock on 14 Feb which led to severe downward price pressure.
  • Net $1.2m inflow of FLOKI into Exchanges in the past 24H.
    • Inflow likely attributed to users dumping their tokens after Elon Musk tweets a photo of his dog in Twitter’s CEO Chair resulting in a price pump.
  • Net...