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On-Chain Insights: Hot Contracts on Arbitrum, KEEP, BONE
Key Takeaways
2 min read
  • Arbitrum continues to be the avenue for DeFi activity as protocols such as SolidLizard, Cap Finance and FactorDAO’s raise see significant inflows.
  • Not much Smart Money movements on tokens except for KEEP and BONE.

Arbitrum Ecosystem


  • Over $3.0m inflow into the SolidLizard: USDC-agEUR pool with 3 Smart Money depositors in the past day
  • SolidLizard is a ve(3,3) DEX that has launched recently on Arbitrum and has managed to gain over $117m in TVL in the past month
  • The pool currently offers around 79% APR

CAP Finance

  • Over $1.9m inflow into the CAP Finance Staking pool in the past day
  • Cap Finance recently launched its v4 which introduced features such as lower fees and slippage, better risk management...