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On-Chain Insights: Increased Smart Money ETH staking activities
Key Takeaways
less than a minute read
  • Slight increase in risk-on behavior and a preference for ETH.
  • Smart Money addresses are staking ETH on Lido and using ETH as collateral on Aave.
  • This trend is likely attributed to Smart Money positioning themselves for the upcoming Shanghai upgrade.
  • This significant inflow volume could be a good indicator of the LSD narrative possibly reviving.

Smart Money Activities (24h)

We observed a slight increase in risk-on behavior and a preference for ETH.


  • Total inflow of $20.8m worth of WETH into Smart Money addresses.
    • In which majority are attributed to Market Makers: Jump trading and Wintermute Trading.
    • WETH movements by market makers have been on the rise, potentially due to greater ETH trading activity.


  • Inflow of $2.5m Lido liquid staked ether (stETH) into Smart Money addresses.
    • The majority of the $2.5 million influx of stETH was attributed to the MR703 wallet. This $2.5 million...