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On-Chain Insights: KillaCubs, XENKnight Auction and Memecoins
Key Takeaways
3 min read
  • Contracts that have received significant inflows in the past 24h include the KillaCubs Mint contract and the XENKnight Auction contract.
  • PEPE continues to see substantial buys and interest even as its token price falls by over 40% in the past 24h.
  • Notable DEX Trades in the past 24h includes buys for OHM and LINK.

Hot Contracts

  • 13 Smart Money wallets minted KillaCubs in the past 24h.
    • It is the second collection of KillaBears.
    • OG KillaBears holders got a free claim, while mint price is 0.25 ETH for others.
    • The floor price currently sits at 0.29 ETH.
    • Notable Smart Money holders include bonzi.eth, who holds over 48 NFTs.
    • Twitter / Website / Nansen
  • Over $773k of inflows into...