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On-Chain Insights: Large USDT inflows, DigiDaigaku Airdrop and Zyberswap

Key Insights from Today’s on-chain behavior

  • Significant flows into newly launched Zyberswap on Arbitrum, specifically the WBTC-USDC pool.
  • DigiDaigaku’s airdrop collection - Dragon Eggs has received over 932 ETH in volume in the past 24H.
  • Large Smart Money inflows for USDT in the past 24H, likely related to regulatory concerns with BUSD after it was declared as a security by the SEC. Other tokens accumulated by Smart Money include SYN and LOOKS.

Hot Contracts


  • Over $758km inflow into the Zyberswap: WBTC-USDC pool in the past 24H
    • Zyberswap is a native AMM DEX on Arbitrum and has over $85m in TVL,...