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On-Chain Insights: LUSD Inflows and Ribbon Finance Vesting Recipient Wallet
Key Takeaways
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  • Despite the dip in the early morning (Asia Time), we have not observed any significant token outflows from Smart Money today. This could likely be due to Smart Money being already mostly in stables.
  • On the contrary, we also notice some Smart Money buying into the dip in the early morning.
  • GRT tokens face significant selling pressure in recent days.

Large DEX Trades (24h)

The majority of the DEX Trades are in stables or ETH, however, we’ve observed some large buys in LUSD, LINK, and BLUR.


  • There were some large purchases of LUSD today from multiple Token Millionaire addresses.
  • Most addresses are in risk-off mode and are stabling up due to current market conditions.
  • Token Millionaire 1 swapped 500k worth of USDC to LUSD and another 500k for USDP. This wallet has over $4m worth of assets and is primarily in stables. This wallet is holding $1.2m worth of LUSD.