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On-Chain Insights: Memecoin Season, PEPE, MEMEME, BLUR Buys
Sandra Leow
Key Takeaways
3 min read
  • The memecoin season is currently in full swing, with some traders boasting high returns within just a few days.
  • PEPE is the hottest memecoin project at the moment, with over 30,000 unique holders and growing buyer activity. Notable addresses such as huck.eth have profited greatly from trading PEPE.
  • MEMEME is another highly risky memecoin play, with smart money addresses buying in and a token contract that only came live recently.
  • DEX Whales have been trading several tokens with size, including BLUR, AGIX, and CRV.
  • One particular address has swapped $300k USDC to BLUR, with past transactions showing an avid BLUR and ARB trader who has made several purchases at various prices and is still holding a significant amount of BLUR.

Memecoin Season

The memecoin season is in full-fledge, with some notable traders boasting 10-300x+ in returns just within the last few days.


  • PEPE is the hottest memecoin project in town. PEPE launched in sleath with no presale, zero taxes. Currently, there are over 30k unique holders for the PEPE token. Interestingly, the number of users grew sporadically from April 16 onwards, ranging at 2k holders to 30k in just four days.
  • The buyer activity has been growing steadily, with transaction count ranging from 3k in the last few days.
  • The second largest holder of PEPE purchased $263 worth of PEPE, which is...