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On-Chain Insights: Memecoins Still Going Strong, JOE Pools v2.1, Stader Token Distribution
Niklas Polk
Key Takeaways
2 min read
  • All signs point to the Memecoin narrative still going on, the respective pools dominate the hot contracts dashboards as well as top gas consumer accounts.
  • TraderJoe pools v2.1 are live, accompanied by large inflows due to people migrating their liquidity from v2.0
  • Stader private sale investors got a distribution, as seemingly on every 26. since the beginning of the year. None of the larger private sale investors have moved any tokens yet, which can be interpreted as bullish.


  • Hot contracts on Ethereum continue to be dominated by memecoin pools
    • Uniswap PEPE-WETH pool had 7 Smart Money depositors and almost $300k inflow in the last 24h.
    • Other tokens like STONKS, BULL or PP had less inflow, especially in the last 24h, but are still very popular. -...