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On-Chain Insights: Metaverse Tokens, LADYS, and Celsius stETH Withdrawals
Key Takeaways
2 min read
  • GALA and other metaverse tokens increased by 5-15% in the past 24 hours. Notable wallets accumulated over $350k each in GALA.
  • DHF Labs accumulated over $200k of LADYS, expressing their belief of Miladys and their relevance, following Elon Musk's tweet.
  • Celsius' wallet moved 428,000 stETH to unstake from Lido before live withdrawals. The full 428k stETH has been requested for withdrawal shortly after.

Large Token Sales


With Apple scheduled to release its mixed reality headset in three weeks, metaverse tokens like GALA are gaining momentum. In the past 24 hours, the following wallets have accumulated more than $350k each:

Other metaverse tokens such as MANA, AXS, RNDR have also seen a price increase of approximately 5 - 15% over the past 24 hours.


Elon Musk...