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On-Chain Insights: MKR, HEX, and Other Notable DeFi DEX Trades
Osgur Murphy O Kane
Key Takeaways
2 min read
  • 9 wallets (including 2 Smart Money wallets) have purchased large amounts of HEX ($50k+), with one purchasing $636k.
  • Airdrop Pro wallet (whale) purchases ~$440k MKR over the past 24 hours and $9.3m over the last month.
  • There were also numerous large purchases of PEPE.

Notable DEX trades


There were 8 purchases of HEX between $50k and $90k. There was an additional purchase by one wallet of $636k. Interestingly, this wallet has purchased HEX on one occasion before (March 2022) and hasn’t sold any.

The most notable wallets are:

MKR Whale Accumulation

Smart Money wallet (Airdrop Pro) and MKR whale purchased...