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On-Chain Insights: Monkey Trip NFT, Smart Money and Exchange Flow Movement

Key Insights From Today’s On-Chain Behavior

  • 16 smart money depositors into Monkey Trip
  • Large inflow of cbETH inflow into smart money wallet
  • Funds making large ETH and stablecoins movements today

Hot Contracts

Hot NFT Contracts

  • 16 smart money depositors into Monkey Trip
    • Monkey Trip is a collection of 6,969 Monkey themed NFTs. The main character named Archer went through a series of adventures in a mysterious realm along with his other 6,969 frens to battle against dark forces. The story didn’t finished there and the plot for Chapter II will not be revealed unless having at least 2 Monkeys NFTs in user’s wallet
    • Its twitter just announced that in the next 24 hours for every Monkey NFT that a person owns...