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On-Chain Insights: Parallel Airdrop, Blur Outflows, Arca Trades and Abracadabra Top Up
Jake Kennis
Key Takeaways
3 min read
  • EUROC is being accumulated by Smart Money and the Curve pool is offering over 8% APR on the agEUR-EUROC pool.
  • The top trending tokens across VIP+ are LDO, RDNT and MATIC. Each have seen notable Smart Money flows.
  • Abracadabra had a fresh top up for magicGLP MIM on February 28th to meet demand.

Smart Money Movements (24h)


  • It is an NFT-powered sci-fi and card game. They have a few NFT collections and just recently received a PRIME token airdrop.
  • Trading amongst Smart Money has increased dramatically throughout the day, and you can track it on Token God Mode.
  • Around $1.1m of inflows to the PRIME-WETH Uniswap pool over the last 24 hours and 12 Smart Money depositors.

Euro Coin

  • Over $1.2m in inflows of EUROC to Smart Money addresses.
  • This [Smart...