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On-chain Insights: Paraswap and CAP Finance staking, Smart Money Movement on AAVE and UNI

Key Insights from Today’s on-chain behavior

  • Significant flows into newly launched Curve LDO/ETH pool as well as staking pools for revamped protocols - Paraswap and CAP Finance.
  • Smart Money movement on OG DeFi protocols - Aave and Uniswap.

Hot Contracts


  • Over $16.6m inflow into the Curve LDO/ETH pool in the past 24H
    • The pool just launched under 2 days ago and is offering around ~47% APR paid out in LDO
  • Over $833k inflow into the Paraswap Staking Pool in the past 24H
    • Paraswap launched [PSP...