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On-Chain Insights: Party Donation Event, Large FXS Accumulation
Key Takeaways
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  • An on-chain PvP staking game called Pool Party is concluding its launchpad to launch the protocol officially shortly after.
  • Within the past 24 hours, a large investor bought approximately $800k worth of FXS, increasing their position to $1.3m and adding to the growing narrative around LSD.

Hot Contracts

Pool Party

  • The Pool Party Donation Event contract is gaining traction. It’s being described as a new on-chain PvP game on Ethereum that uses game theory to create a competitive environment for users to stake their PARTY tokens in different Pools, with the goal of maximizing their returns.
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Smart Money Token Inflows

Among the various altcoins, BLUR has seen the largest inflow, followed by BTRFLY and AURA. However, these inflows are not significant in absolute numbers. This may indicate that the risk appetite for altcoins is still relatively low with some arguing that the end of the echo bubble is nearing.

Large Token Purchases


  • Starting two days ago...