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On-Chain Insights: Smart Money Token Inflows and Meme Coin DEX Trading
Jake Kennis
Key Takeaways
3 min read
  • Meme tokens like PEPE, WOJAK, and WSB are popular among DEX traders, with multiple large purchases across many unique wallets, as well as Smart Money wallets actively trading these tokens.
  • Smart Money is focusing on both prominent tokens like ETH, BTC and MATIC and also engaging with the meme-coin trend.

Smart Money Movements (24h)

The overall trend shows that Smart Money is allocating to the majors and playing the meme-coin narrative, with large increases in the majors and WOJAK and PEPE over the last 24 hours. Some of the top tokens include MATIC, WETH, WBTC, MKR, STETH, YGG, and WOJAK.


  • Over $20m of inflows to Smart Money addresses over the last 24 hours.
  • $19m of these inflows can be attributed to Polygon Foundation Investment wallets. This is the first wallet that received 10m MATIC tokens from this [fresh...