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On-Chain Insights: Smart Money Token Inflows, Outflows, and Arbitrum Hot Contracts
Key Takeaways
4 min read
  • PEPE continues to trend on Nansen’s Trending Token dashboard, while one of Cobie’s wallets was observed burning XFOLD for FOLD, making him the top Smart Money holder.
  • Blockchain Capital sent all of their MATIC holdings, potentially to be sold. Meanwhile, BLUR also tops the Smart Money token outflows chart today.
  • Chronos Exchange and Radiant Capital, both on Arbitrum, attract liquidity from Smart Money depositors.

Smart Money Token Inflows


  • The much-hyped memecoin continues its upwards trend today, climbing another 18% on the day, and is currently top of the Nansen Trending Tokens dashboard for all three tiers.
  • Wintermute Trading: 0x2800 recorded an aggregate of 781B PEPE ($217k) from Gate.io, but has since used most of the capital to provide liquidity across various Uniswap pools.
  • Other notable Smart Money addresses with balance increases are [Smart DEX...